Documents & Information

  • Residents

    Keep the community beautiful…Pick up and properly dispose of trash you see in the community! Keep the community safe by getting to know your neighbors and reporting suspicious activity you may see in the area to the Police Department. Turn on your exterior lights when it’s dark out!

  • Pet Owners

    Please pick up after your pet as soon as it “does its business!” Also, pets must be leashed at all times outside your unit.

  • Lawn Maintenance

    The lawn maintenance season begins on 4/15 of each year and concludes on 11/15 of the same year.

  • Snow Removal

    The snow removal season begins on 11/15 each year and ends on 4/15 of the following year.

  • Visitor Parking

    Visitor parking is just for that – visitors! Unit owners are prohibited from using visitor parking as overflow parking for their own vehicles. Vehicles that should not be parked there may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Please remember year round

  • Pick up after your pet(s) regularly and keep it leashed at all times.
  • Properly store recreational equipment when not in use.
  • Do not store trash/recyclables outside your home.
  • Please be considerate to those around you and keep noise at a respectable level.
  • Be safe and install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors in your home – it’s a law.
  • Be safe and clean your dryer’s duct and lint trap every time you use your dryer to avoid causing a fire.
  • Repair leaky vehicle(s).
  • Report any suspicious/illegal activity to the Police Department.
  • Say hello to and get to know your neighbors!

During the cooler months

Plastic is not allowed on the exterior of windows. If you intend to put plastic on your windows this fall for added winter protection, the plastic must be on the interior of your window.

In addition, should you go on vacation during the winter, be sure to keep your furnace at a reasonable temperature setting. Failure to do so could result in frozen pipes, which could burst and flood. Therefore, do not reduce the temperature setting to save on gas, because it may backfire and only add to your expenses due to the resulting property damage.

If you have a furnace humidifier, please be sure that the setting is kept at the appropriate level depending on the outside temperature. The colder the outside temperature, the lower the humidity setting must be. If that is not done, condensation will form on the inside of windows and in the dead space areas above the ceiling and in the walls. That can cause severe drywall damage. Therefore, check your operator manual as to the proper setting in relation to the outside temperature.

Please visit this page often as information is added regularly!